Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement condemns decision in the high court

The Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement today condemned the decision in the high court to allow Catholic Care’s appeal for an exemption from the sexual orientation regulations. In doing so Catholic Care, a Catholic adoption society, is able to continue its policy of refusing to consider homosexual couples as suitable parents.

The adoption agency which works within the dioceses of Leeds, Middlesbrough and Hallam in South Yorkshire, had said it would give up its work placing children rather than bow to government legislation. Many other Catholic adoption agencies have already given up their work while some have severed official links with the Catholic church in order to conform with the law.

The decision by Mr Justice Briggs, has been welcomed by Catholic Care and the Catholic Church. LGCM however joins with gay campaigners and others in condemning the decision.

Rev. Sharon Ferguson, Chief Executive of LGCM, said today:

“It is both unacceptable and outrageous that laws can be passed which the high court then allows to be ignored. We do not doubt that Catholic Care has done good work in the past but it should only continue to do so within the current legal framework. It makes no sense and is entirely unjust to allow exemptions of this nature. Would Mr Justice Briggs have reached the same decision if Catholic Care had asked to be allowed to discriminate against couples on the grounds of their race or physical ability?

Children deserve the right to the very best adoptive parents and what makes a couple suitable to be parents is not their sexual orientation. In some cases it will be more beneficial for the parents to be heterosexual and in some cases to be homosexual.

Furthermore, the implications of this decision for the potential erosion of equality through the back door is extremely worrying.”


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