Kylie defends “All the Lovers” video

Kylie Minogue on Monday defended the controversial video, which has been banned in several Asian nations.

In the video for “All the Lovers” which reached No.3 in the UK chart in July, the 42-year-old appears dressed in white at the top of semi-naked writhing couples, both gay and straight, who kiss passionately.

Television stations in several Asian nations, including Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia, have censored the video, which ends with Minogue releasing a white dove into the air.

As reported by The Independent, Kylie told Spanish television station Cuatro: “I think, yes, it’s sexy but I also think it’s very touching and sensual and the message is love.”

Kylie also took the chance to thank her fans for their support during her battle with breast cancer, which she has overcome, after her diagnosis in 2005.

“I had a lot of support from around the world from the public, a lot of it which I did not see, which I did not hear, but I felt it,” she said.

“And it might sound a bit cosmic or whatever but in that kind of situation you need to reach for any positivity that you can get and I really felt people’s good wishes, so thank you.”


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