Kylie confirms new world tour

Kylie Minogue has confirmed that another world tour is in the pipeline for the pint sized pop princess this year as she heads around the globe to create a new masterpiece for her latest album Aphrodite.

In an interview with Australian LGBT site Same Same, the showgirl answered the question on every gay mans lips. Will she be touring soon? Well she confirmed the answers is yes and what more could we expect from the ‘showgirl?’

Kylie said: “Yes, I have show concepts in mind but I can’t tell you yet, because it really is in its infancy, but come on, with the name Aphrodite as the launch pad, we’re going to have a lot to play with!”

Going along the lines of euphoria and love, she delved a bit more into what to expect, “I would imagine we’re going to have a good glowstick quota!”

“I would like the tour to be like, you’re on that sea… and there are the rushes and the dips, and you’re just feeling the love.

“The vibe that I’ve put out there with All The Lovers, and that I’m getting back, is ‘feel love, share love’. That’s what I want the show to be.”

Kylie’s new album is released on 5th July 2010.


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