Kenya : Retract arrest orders, gays tell PM

Gays and lesbians recently held a silent march asking Prime Minister Raila Odinga to withdraw orders to arrest them. They described the statement as ‘dangerous’ and could instigate violence. Mr Odinga called for the arrest of gays, saying same-sex relations were unnatural and those found should be arrested.

“What Raila said on Sunday we think may have been a slip of the tongue. We ask him to see the consequences and take back his words before violence erupts,” said an activist, who sought anonymity saying he feared being victimised.

The group said the Prime Minister’s remarks primed them for attack.

The march was part of events marking World Aids Day celebrations in Nairobi.

National Aids Control Council chair Mary Getui urged more caution, despite the declining infection rate.

“New infections are the fuel of the menace and we need to have our eyes focused,” Prof Getui said.

Medical Services ministry assistant minister Samuel Kambi said 415,000 people were on antiretroviral drugs.

US ambassador Michael Ranneberger said that his country would continue to fund Kenya’s drive to curb the HIV menace, adding that the President’s Emergency Plan for Aids Relief would give over Sh40 billion in funds.

Pepfar has contributed over Sh176 billion since its inception, he said.


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