Irish Drag Performer Signs International Publishing Deal

Irish drag performer Joanna Ryde ( is proud to announce the signing of an international publishing deal with Book Republic and the release of her first novel, Diary Of A Ryde, which will be available in November.

The book is told from the point of view of Joanna, a character created by comedian Kolyn Byrne and focuses on a year in her life, a comedic rollercoaster ride of friendship, love and the general observations of an 18-year-old working class Dublin girl. Outrageous characters and situations paint an interesting picture of modern day Ireland and the people that inhabit it.

Each chapter of Diary Of A Ryde delves further into Joanna’s life and is guaranteed to have you laughing out loud. The book is available to order now from UK and Ireland bookshops including WH Smith and Waterstones or online or Book Depository. It can also be purchased direct from

About The Author

Kolyn Byrne has been playing Joanna Ryde for the past 6 years and describes her as an all-singing, all-dancing, working-class comedy sensation from Dublin. The characters rise to superstardom began in 2007 when she won the prestigious Alternative Miss Ireland and began performing in venues throughout Ireland. Appearances on TV and radio followed, most notably in 2010 when she was chosen as a finalist on RTE’s The All Ireland Talent Show with Boyzone’s Shane Lynch as her mentor. Kolyn currently performs as Joanna in the legendary Dignity Bar while working on further novels based on the character.


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