How gay-friendly are the UK’s universities?

Stonewall has launched the second edition of Gay By Degree – the only guide profiling the UK’s 150 universities to show how gay-friendly they are. Gay By Degree 2012, supported by Google, will enable gay students applying to go to university in 2012 to find out what different universities offer to meet their needs, and will help them find a university where they will feel comfortable to be themselves.

Gay By Degree – published online at – measures each UK university against 10 criteria, including whether there is a student lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) Society, whether tailored LGB careers advice is offered, whether the university supports its LGB staff, and whether policies and practices that counter homophobic bullying and specific events for gay students are in place. This year the guide also includes a new ‘career spotlight’ section, which features profiles of 12 recent LGB graduates each working in different sectors.

Chris Dye, Stonewall’s Education Officer, said: ‘Gay By Degree means lesbian, gay and bisexual students can compare how gay-friendly their university choices are and what each will offer to help them achieve their ambitions and fulfil their life aspirations. With universities increasing their maximum fees for 2012 prospective students want to ensure that they’re getting the best value for money from a university that will treat them with respect.’

Mark Palmer-Edgecumbe, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Google said: ‘Google are delighted to support Stonewall’s University Guide 2012. At Google we believe that every young person, regardless of their sexual orientation, deserves the best start in life and the opportunity to embark on any career they wish. We hope this guide will help a new generation of lesbian, gay and bisexual students to achieve their maximum potential and look forward to seeing some of them joining us at Google one day.’


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