Hague Congratulated For Speaking Out On Lgbt Rights In The Commonwealth

Mr. Hague told the Commonwealth People’s Forum:

“The UK would like to see the Commonwealth do more to promote the rights of its lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender citizens. It is wrong in our view that these groups continue to suffer persecution, violence and discrimination within the Commonwealth and that many members still have laws criminalising homosexuality. A Commonwealth that lives up to its values is one where all its citizens are free to live their lives in a safe and just society.”

Lance Price, Director of the Kaleidoscope Trust, which works to support people around the world who face discrimination and prejudice because of their sexuality, said:

“At the Kaleidoscope Trust we have been using our influence with the British government to urge them to make a clear statement in favour of LGBT rights. We are delighted that William Hague took this opportunity to single out the issue of discrimination and criminalisation of gay and lesbian people within the Commonwealth. We hope the leaders of those states that still make it a crime to be gay will take heed of his words, but also listen to those in their own countries who demand that the human rights of all citizens be respected equally.”


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