Greens Select Nine LGBT Candidates for Brighton and Hove City Council Elections

Nine LGBT candidates have been selected by the Green Party for the local city council elections in Brighton and Hove in May.

“It speaks volumes about Green values that we are standing so many LGBT council candidates for the elections in the LGBT ‘capital’ of the United Kingdom,” said Phelim Mac Cafferty, chair of National Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans (LGBT) Greens – and one of the candidates.

“The Green Party in Brighton and Hove has a proud history of standing up for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) people.

“We’re passionate about the safety, health and quality of life in our city for the LGBT communities.

“Our track record on Brighton and Hove City Council says as much: we campaigned for and won an Equalities Impact Assessment on the annual budget.

“Greens protected local control of budgeting in policing and defend the role of Police Community Support Officers.

“Our councillors work closely with organisations such as Survivors’ Network and RISE to keep sexual and domestic violence on the agenda,” he pointed out.

“All of this compliments our ongoing work on LGBT History month, World AIDS Day and Trans Remembrance Day.”

Mr. Phelim concluded: “After the historic victory of Caroline Lucas MP in May last year, we hope we continue to inspire LGBT people to see the importance of a Green vote in city council elections on May 5 this year.”

The nine candidates are: Geoffrey Bowden, Steph Powell, Phelim Mac Cafferty, Mike Jones, Anthea Ballam, Dave Walsh, Stephen Watson, Martin Ashby, and Stuart Hay.


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