Government should not pander to homophobia

Responding to an amendment to the Government’s Children, Schools and Families Bill that would allow faith schools to teach sex education ‘in a way that reflects the school’s religious character’, Liberal Democrat Shadow Schools Secretary, David Laws said, “This is a serious and undesirable U-turn by Ed Balls when the Government’s policy on sex and relationship education is already pretty weak.

“The Government has already given an opt-out from sex and relationship education up to age 15. This looks like it will further water down the information which all young people should be entitled to before they reach the age of consent.

“State funded schools should not be free to put their own spin on sex and relationship education.

“The Government should not pander in any way either to homophobia or to those who want young people kept in the dark when they are already exposed to these issues through the media well before the age of 16.”


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