Google and Stonewall bring ‘It gets better’ phenomenon to UK TV

Google and Stonewall have partnered on a new Google Chrome TV ad to raise awareness in the UK of the urgent need to tackle homophobic bullying and to inspire young people. Using the slogan, ‘the web is what you make of it’, the ad aims to demonstrate how powerful campaigns can be made by bringing people and communities together online. The advert, due to launch online and on television on June 4, brings the ‘It gets better’ anti-bullying campaign to British small screens for the first time, raising awareness of the urgent need to tackle homophobic bullying and inspiring young people. The ad features contributions from Stonewall supporters including comedian Rhona Cameron and DJ Jodie Harsh as well as Stonewall Youth Co-ordinator Laurie Oliva and Stonewall volunteer Chantal Benjamin-Badjie alongside US stars Lady Gaga, Dan Savage, Kathy Griffin and Adam Lambert. The series of ‘It gets better’ adverts have been a viral phenomenon in the States.

Stonewall Chief Executive Ben Summerskill said, ‘Stonewall is really proud to have worked with Google to bring the phenomenal global success of the ‘It gets better’ campaign to British screens. We’ve been running our campaign since last summer to make sure lesbian, gay and bisexual young people know that they don’t have to wait for things to get better in their lives – they can be great now.’ Anyone can add their own by making their own video and emailing the link to


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