Gibraltar Gay Rights Group Calls on MEP Candidates and Parties to Break the “Deafening Silence”

A gay rights group last night demanded that candidates seeking election to the European Parliament say exactly where they stand on the rights of gays and lesbians in this community.

Charles Trico, the secretary of equality rights group GGR, said that all MEP candidates asking for votes from Gibraltarians should say exactly where they stand.

“Whilst the gay community has received not inconsiderable support from some MEPs, notably Graham Watson, as far as public statements during these European elections are concerned, so far all we have heard is a deafening silence on their position regarding gay people’s rights from each and every person who has been presented to the public asking for their votes,” he said.

“It’s not as if there is nothing to have an opinion about any more,” he suggested, referring to the current lively topic of age of consent before Parliament, as well as to the challenge going before the courts regarding Government’s refusal to grant joint tenancy to a same-sex couple.

“We are seeing politicians come, and politicians go. Why is it we continue to have to prompt them to make statements about the rights of sexual minorities? It’s about time that, at election time, they were clear and upfront with the voting public, whichever way they think.

“Whether it’s progress or otherwise, it appears that it’s the politicians who now need help in ‘coming out’ on issues which are not necessarily ‘convenient’ for them,” Mr Trico concluded.

Gibraltar is in the UK South West European Parliamentary constituency which elects six MEPs this week. As in the UK, Gibraltar votes on Thursday June 4.


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