GCCG Visit the Gardens in Dixter

On a recent event, the GCCG – the group for gay and lesbian classic car enthusiasts, combined a visit to Sargeants of Gouldhurst and the gardens at Great Dixter. The drive between the venues ambled through the pretty time-warp roads of East Sussex, passing many Sunday cricket matches. In contrast to Sargeant’s pristine and organized garages, the gardens of Great Dixter are a very random rambling affair, but stunning nonetheless. The rarest car of the day was a Hillman Minx with Smith’s Easidrive automatic transmission, which used iron filings and magnetism, instead of a fluid torque converter. In fact rare cars were in abundance – a bright orange VW Karmann Ghia, a Ford Consul, and a Viva HC.



Total attendance:
Cars: 25
People: 50
Oldest car: Ford Consul
Furthest distance traveled: High Wycombe 100 miles.
Breakdowns: None.


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