Gayjin London app launched for gay travellers visiting London

Does the world really need another gay travel guide for iPhone?

Well… we think so. Here’s why:

Best of both worlds

Many gay guides on iPhone are too narrowly focused solely on gay entertainment. On the other hand many traditional city guides have completely missed out or offer only a limited section for gay audience. Gayjin joins these two worlds and allows you to have (and buy) just one city guide on your iPhone – full of attractions, cultural activities, great restaurants, pubs and even adult entertainment to keep you busy for a week or two.

Handpicked content

Unlike many guides that provide complete listings of city hotels, bars, etc., Gayjin relies on handpicked content. We have compiled the most essential places of the city, somebody from the team has been there in person, has enjoyed it and has made a comprehensive description with links to related information (including website, location on map and twitter feed if any).

We believe that most travelers unfamiliar with a city are happy to get a personal recommendation. If a place is included in Gayjin, it means it is recommended by us. We are doing our best to cover various price categories and city areas so there should be something for every taste.

And yes – Gayjin is not a replacement for Lonely Planet or TimeOut if you have decided to spend more than a week in the city.

Off-line maps

While Google Maps on iPhone are great (and Gayjin can display the location of any covered place in Google Maps) they require network access. If you are a foreigner, it means hefty data roaming charges unless you are in a freely accessible wifi zone. And those will deliver an unpleasant surprise when you receive the phone bill next month.

That’s why we have included offline maps in Gayjin. Wherever you are, you can see the position and the surrounding area of any place in the guide’s offline map. Without spending a penny.

Some may say that Gayjin does not (yet) provide comprehensive location based services and that’s true. We are looking forward to develop these features in the next Gayjin versions as a free upgrade to our existing customers.

The most expensive gay travel app for London in AppStore?

Yeah, that’s true. We believe Gayjin is worth at least a cup of good coffee because it is more than just another gay travel app. And we have to pay our designer for his beautifully designed icons


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