Gay Priest to Speak at “Protest the Pope” Rally

The Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association (GALHA) has welcomed the news that Father Bernard Lynch, a gay Roman Catholic priest will speak at the Protest the Pope march and rally which takes place later this month. Adam Knowles GALHA Chair said “As humanists we welcome the opportunity to work with those from all religions and none to protest against the State visit of Pope Benedict who has attacked and undermined LGBT Rights on so many occasions”.

Father Lynch was persecuted by the Vatican when he openly disagreed with its policies on gay rights and HIV/Aids in the 1980’s. Today he still ministers to people with HIV/Aids in London. He told GALHA “I am still proud to be a Roman Catholic Priest, but I regard the Vatican’s policy regarding HIV/Aids and contraception as evil and anti-gospel. The problem is not just the Pope, but many of his advisors”. After stating that policies affecting women and LGBT people must change, he added “I remain a member of his Holiness’s Loyal Opposition”.

GALHA Chair Adam Knowles urged members of the LGBT community “to work together with unity and pride to protest against the Papal state visit”. He added “It is time to respect and celebrate those who are prepared to make a stand against Papal intolerance and prejudice”.


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