Gay group slams Corrie star for misleading tweets

An LGBT campaign group has reacted angrily to news that Brooke Vincent took part in a whispering campaign suggesting that Prime Minister David Cameron is planning to ban same-sex kisses before the 9pm TV watershed.

Brooke, who plays teenage lesbian Sophie Webster in Coronation Street took to Twitter to criticise the prime minister: “I swear David Cameron’s meant to be supporting equal rights,” she Tweeted. “I just think if same-sex kisses are what he is prioritising and concentrating on changing, our country’s in trouble.”

This followed a story in the Mail on Sunday, which was published at the weekend on the subject of the ongoing independent enquiry into the regulation on television content.

However, LGBTory, the Conservative-affiliated LGBT group has reacted angrily to this news.

Chairman, Matthew Sephton, commented:

“I am extremely disappointed with Brooke’s apparent lack of thought in commenting on this article. Furthermore, I am concerned at the attitude of other sections of the media, who, when reporting, have also grossly misrepresented and sensationalised the story, just like the Mail did to begin with.”

Mr Sephton continued:

“The Department for Education, which is overseeing the review, was very clear when they said they will wait until the review is published before expressing any views at all. For the Mail to jump from that to ‘the PM supports its recommendations’ is complete nonsense and for Brooke to jump on the Mail bandwagon is surprising to say the least. For her of all people to take part in rumour and speculation where no foundation of a story exists is very sad indeed.”


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