Gay group ‘shocked’ at election tactics

A political LGBT campaign group has reacted with shock to so-called ‘gay leaflets’ that have allegedly gone out to households for the Parliamentary by-election in Leicester South this week.

Leaflets that, at first glance, look like they are from the Liberal Democrats, with the Party’s emblem and high-profile Parliamentarians mentioned on them, have been delivered to properties in an Asian area of the city, declaring the Party’s wish to an ‘inclusive society without discrimination’.

However, there are many basic errors on the leaflet, such as there being no legal imprint (necessary on all election literature during an election period) and getting the name of a top pink media organisation wrong.

The leaflet boasts:

“We will force all schools to teach homosexuality as normal … Our front bench team Simon Hughes and David Laws are committed homosexuals, while Nick Clegg was recently voted by readers of Pink Times as the sexiest party leader.”

Matthew Sephton, Chairman of LGBTory, the Conservative LGBT group, commented:

“I am shocked at this development in the Leicester by-election. It would appear by the tactics used that this is some sort of homophobic dirty tricks campaign. Although unclear who would stoop to such levels, it is indicative of the fact that there is still a way to go in ensuring true equality of opportunity for all. It also shows that those of us involved in political LGBT groups have to continue our much-needed work, perhaps with renewed vigour.”


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