Gay Classic Car Group (GCCG) Triumphs at BMC/BL Day

At the recent BMC/BL day in Peterborough, the GCCG was proud to have their biggest stand ever with over 20 cars squeezed in. The GGCG stand had the only Range Rover, Triumph TR7 and a Mini Moke at the show. In fact, it was the first time anyone had seen a Mini Moke at the event. Other cars on the stand included an outstanding example of a recently restored Triumph 2500S estate, and two Wolseley landcrabs. The lineup was completed with a plush Austin Princess and a now somewhat rare early miniMetro from 1980, with fetching paprika interior.


Total attendance:
Cars: 20
People: 60 (GCCG members)
Oldest car: 1952 MGA
Furthest distance traveled: Dublin 500 miles.
Breakdowns: None.


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