Gay charity tells politicians “How you can support the 2.8 million lesbian, gay and bisexual voters in Britain

The Lesbian and Gay Foundation (LGF) is asking prospective political candidates in both the Local and General Elections to back four key pledges to show their support for their lesbian, gay and bisexual constituents.

May 6 2010 has been announced as the General Election and Local Election date, and the LGF have today distributed copies of “How you can support the 2.8 million lesbian, gay and bisexual voters in Britain” to politicians across the country.

The four key pledges that the LGF are urging candidates to sign up to are:

1. Listen, Value and Invest in lesbian, gay and bisexual voluntary and community organisations.

We are asking that politicians listen to the 2.8 million lesbian, gay, and bisexual voters, and value their taxes, their contributions and their concerns, and invest in the LGB voluntary and community organisations throughout Britain.

2. Combat homophobic bullying in schools

We want politicians help to ensure that all schools will implement a zero tolerance policy on homophobia and homophobic bullying, creating safe spaces for all young people.

3. Ensure that all public services monitor the sexual orientation of their service users.

We are calling on politicians to challenge inequality and encourage public sector organisations to record the sexual orientation of all service users to enable them to deliver better tailored public services.

4. Sign up to: Enough is Enough! Take action against homophobia

We want those involved in the political process to do all that they can to ensure that people are not subjected to abuse and discrimination as a result of their sexual orientation. We want politicians to sign their name to the LGF’s “Enough is Enough! Action Against Homophobia” campaign at, to show their full commitment to equality for all of their lesbian, gay and bisexual constituents.

Paul Martin, Chief Executive of The Lesbian and Gay Foundation said: “We believe that every lesbian, gay, and bisexual person has the right to be accepted for who they are; where they live, by their families and by their neighbours; where they work, by their bosses and by their work colleagues; where they receive public services, by their Doctors, in hospital, within their schools and by their teachers, their classmates and by the other parents.

“Already on the campaign trail we have seen the major party leaders talking about doing more to tackle homophobic bullying, we want all those involved in the political process in Britain to pledge their full commitment to take action to support their lesbian, gay, and bisexual constituents by backing our four pledges.”


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