Federation of Gay Games board to attend Sin City Shootout

This is the second year in which Sin City, a multisport tournament that each year grows in number of sports and number of participants, has been officially supported by the FGG, which appreciates the opportunity to reach out to the thousands of athletes competing to promote Gay Games 9.

FGG co-president Kurt Dahl (Chicago) discussed the promotional efforts: “We’re pleased to see coming to Las Vegas several key members of the team organizing Gay Games 9. This will be an opportunity for our board to meet new members of the staff from Cleveland and Akron, and more important, to help them as they share the message of the great sport and culture events awaiting participants in the 2014 Games. Most of the sports scheduled for Las Vegas this year are also offered in Gay Games 9, with outstanding venues in Cleveland and Akron set to welcome athletes from the US and around the world.”

During the weekend the board members present will hold a workshop to improve board operations. Paul Oostenbrug (Albuquerque), VP for Membership, spoke of the goals of the workshop: “As an all-volunteer board with members from around the world, we face particular challenges in the effective execution of our mission to promote equality through the organization of the Gay Games. We have engaged the services of a facilitator who has already carried out some very pertinent preliminary studies and surveys of the FGG board’s strengths and on areas where there is room for improvement. The face-to-face sessions in Las Vegas are a great opportunity to meet and build stronger interpersonal relationships. In recent years we’ve held similar meetings in Paris and The Hague, and have appreciated the opportunity to combine a gesture of support for sport events with an opportunity to meet in person.”

Board member Roger Brigham will be present and will again be working at the Runyon Wrestling Classic, the wrestling compomemt of the Sin City Shootout, hosted by Southern California Wrestling Club. “Wrestlers Without Borders will once again be supporting the tournament,” Brigham said. “Sin City started as a softball tournament, and each year has expanded with new sports that take advantage of the great infrastructure and offers negotiated by the tournament committee. It’s a great model for a multisport tournament that starts with a firm foundation in sport, and that is focused on offering a great overall experience for athletes. We’re all hoping that many participants in Sin City will take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about Gay Games 9 from the representatives present, and of course to register for the Games.”

Dahl expressed the thanks of the Federation to the Sin City tournament for providing meeting space, and to the board members attending the event at their own expense, while speaking of the follow up planned: “This meeting will be followed by regional teleconferences by our facilitator with our Australian and European colleagues who have had to make a choice between attending the Sin City event this weekend and our Annual General Assembly and Site Selection Meeting scheduled for early October in Cleveland. Whether present in Las Vegas or not, we know that all are committed to working together for the success of Gay Games 9 in 2014, for the choice of the best host for Gay Games X in 2018, and for the ability of everyone to participate freely in sport and culture in general, and in the Gay Games in particular.”


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