Fancy Something Tropical? Birmingham’s Latest New Club Night Celebrates The Gay Scene’s

Friday 28th February sees the launch of Celescuelita! – A Tropical Diversity on the Birmingham gay scene, a club night aimed at black lesbians and gay men. Featuring music by GlammaPuss C’leste, DJ Sugar Bear (from Bootylicous and Off the Hook) and DJ Felix (from Nightingales and Route 2), the event is being held at the Nightingale Club in Kent Street. Tickets are £6.50, or £5 before 11pm with flyers available on the gay scene.

Simon Nelson, Black Gay Men’s Officer at Terrence Higgins Trust said: “By running club nights like Celescuelita!, club promoters are giving more black gay, bisexual and transgendered people access to mainstream gay events, as well as creating a safe space for black gay men, who often feel excluded from the general gay scene. This event is about celebrating the diversity of the LGBT community, as well as having some serious fun.”

The event will also see the Birmingham launch of a groundbreaking Terrence Higgins Trust campaign which aims to encourage the black community to think about and discuss homosexuality and the issues that the subject raises. The campaign features four different images of black people talking about coming to terms with the sexuality of a close relative or friend. The images were used as posters in bus shelters across London during January, and generated a lot of interest and debate in the media.

Simon Nelson continued: “Homophobia in the wider black community is very common, and is often deemed to be acceptable behaviour. There is a strong belief that black people simply can’t be gay, but there are as many black men and women who have relationships with people of the same sex as there are in any other race or community. Black gay people frequently feel isolated and unable to talk about their sexuality, and are sometimes forced by their fears about acceptance to adopt an outwardly “straight” lifestyle. This means that club nights like Celesculita! are even more important in bringing black gay people together.”


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