Elton John’s mother has not met his baby

Sheila Farebrother, the mother of Elton John has revealed she has not yet met his son Zachary and has ‘no particular interest’ in doing so.

They have not spoken since a disagreement rumoured to be over Elton’s partner David Furnish three years ago.

Speaking to the Sun, she said, “I have no particular interest really.”

“He has cut me off completely, it happened three years ago this June. He has had nothing to do with me since then.”

“I don’t want to go into what caused it. It is a painful subject. My son cut me out of his life for good.”

When the paper asked if a comment to Furnish caused the disagreement she said: “It was something like that, but not exactly. I don’t want to talk about it.”

Farebrother also admitted she had no knowledge of Elton and David’s plans to have baby Zachary.

Four-month-old Zachary was born on Christmas day via surrogate.


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