David Cameron ‘does not want’ gay kissing ban on TV

David Cameron has indicated he will not support any calls to ban gay kissing on TV before 9pm.

It follows claims by the Daily Mail that the prime minister did not want images of same sex kissing shown before the watershed.

Last year the government asked the chief executive of the Mothers’ Union, Reg Bailey, to carry out a review into the way children were ‘sexualised’ by things like TV shows, music videos, clothing and adverts.

The review is due to be published later this month.

A Daily Mail report claimed it could call for a ban on same sex kissing on TV in the early evening, leading to criticism from soap stars.

Coronation street actor Anthony Cotton said David Cameron was “not in touch with people” after reports he would support the review’s recommendations.

But a spokesman for the prime minister has told the BBC that: “Those suggesting that the PM is looking at a ban are both wrong and being irresponsible.”

He said the review’s remit “doesn’t include making recommendations as to what should or shouldn’t be shown on TV”.

David Cameron’s spokesman said the government is taking forward a “range of LGB&T (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) policies to build on the work done by the previous government”.


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