Dannii thought I was gay says Kris

Dannii Minogue’s boyfriend Kris Smith has revealed that his pregnant girlfriend thought he was gay when they first met.

Kris Smith, 31, has revealed all about the moment he met his Australian sweetheart and how she thought he was more inclined to the Daniels as apposed the Dannii’s, saying “She was discussing with her friends if I was gay or not. Now we’re together so I can prove a point – I’m not gay.”

The ex-rugby league player reportedly didn’t recognise the X-Factor judge-come-singer when he first me her.

According to the Sun, he told and an Australian radio station “”When I first started speaking to her, I had no idea who she was…It was only afterwards when a friend told me.”

The pair are expecting their first child this summer as Dannii prepares to head Down Under to be with her family and take a break form the X-Factor auditions.

Father-to-be expressed that Dannii will be the stricter of the two when it comes to parenting “It’ll be Dan. I like to let kids be kids and cause as much mischief as I did.”


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