Cross dressing BGT star fears death threats

A Britain’s Got Talent cross-dressing Gaga impersonator has been left shaken up after receiving sickening hate mail on his audition video that was posted on YouTube.

Max Oliver, 21, adorned in make up and drag took to the famous BGT stage before Simon Cowell, Peirs Morgan and Amanda Holden, as he performed his own unique rendition of Lady Gaga’s hit song Bad Romance.

Since the video was posted online many people posted vile postings on the wall calling for the young drag queen to die.

Some of the vile comments left below read

“You f****** slag, you should die.”

“You should be shot.”

“Hope he dies within a year.”

Since the disgusting comments went online the site removed them so they can no longer be visable.

Also known as Maxxie he said about the incident toTV Biz: “It was very hurtful. People hate me because I’m gay and dress up as a woman. I don’t see a big deal in that but some small-minded people do. Some even said my mum should have killed me at birth. It is really hard to take.”

The young sales assistant made it through to the second round of auditions for the popular nationwide talent search, which found the likes of Susan Boyle and dance group Diversity.

Talking about his passion, he said: “I’m doing what I’m doing for people who love me, not for people who hate me.”


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