Claire from Steps hints at live return hopes

After a break of 10 years, the multimillion, BRIT winning pop band STEPS are back. Claire, ‘H’, Faye, Lisa and Lee have reunited for an explosive TV documentary series on SKY Living and a new album celebrating their biggest, chart topping hits and featuring brand new bonus track, Dancing Queen.

Claire Richards from the group told Metro that the band all grieved when they split up. ‘Everyone took it differently. We all grieved for it because a huge part of our life was suddenly gone. It was more than a job – it was our entire life at the time.

When asked whether we could expect to see the band on stage together again soon Claire answered ‘We’d love to do a show again but you never know with these things. We don’t want to say ‘we’re going on tour’ if no-one wants to come. I don’t know if it’ll be a Take That situation where we get back together and record new material. We’re taking things slowly.’ And added that their live audiences weren’t all gay men and under-tens. ‘There was a bigger range than you’d expect at our gigs. I’m not saying we had rugby players coming to see us but it was across the board – families, grandparents, hen parties. There are lots of closet Steps fans out there.’

The Ultimate Collection marks the return of one of Britain’s best loved bands. From their first hit, ‘5, 6, 7, 8,’, STEPS went on to have 14 consecutive Top 10 singles. It’s released on 10th October.


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