Chris Morgan Wins Seventh British Championship

Chris Morgan, the current Gay Games Powerlifting champion has won his seventh British Championship.

He was lifting in the British Deadlift Championship, which was held in Dudley in England and made lifts of 217.5 kilo’s, followed by 245 kilo’s before narrowly missing 272.5 kilo’s (600 pounds) for his third attempt at a bodyweight of 81.6 kilo’s.
Speaking about the competition, Chris Said,

‘I’m very pleased to have defended my British title and to have qualified for the World and European Championships happening later this year. This competition was an ideal opportunity to try new things after winning my seventh British title with my second attempt.’

‘There’s still plenty of work to do ahead of the World Championships and I’m looking forward to the challenge ahead’.
Chris Continued …

‘I’d like to remind everyone that this week is International Football v Homophobia week and ask for their support for the Justin Campaign. You can read my tribute to Justin Fashanu ‘Strong Enough To Survive’ and view my Football v Homophobia video by visiting the links below’.


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