Celebrities Come Out in Support of Equal Marriage

The Lesbian & Gay Foundation, north-west England’s leading LGB organization, launched it’s Love Equal Marriage campaign to coincide with the Government’s plans to push forward same-sex civil marriage.

Paul Martin OBE, Chief Executive of The LGF comments: “This is the biggest civil rights issue affecting the lesbian, gay and bisexual community at this current time. The right to marry who we love, in the venue of our choice is an incredibly important issue for The LGF to be campaigning for.”

A host of celebrities have come out in support of The LGF’s campaign including; 80s pop stars Boy George and Holly Johnson, Team GB Paralympian Claire Harvey, Emmerdale soap opera actress Alicya Eyo, Escape to the County TV Presenter Alistair Appleton, lead singer of The Feeling Dan Gillespie-Sells and John Whaite – the 2012 winner of The Great British Bake Off.

Boy George comments: “For once I agree with the Mayor of London Boris Johnson when he says “just whack it through”. I think the subject of marriage equality for gay men and women has been dragged on for far too long. Everyone should have the right to marry and to enjoy the same rights regardless of their sexuality. It’s a very romantic idea and fits very well into religious concepts of monogamy and one partner for life. I cannot understand the fuss!’

Alicyo Eyo, Emmerdale star comments “I am a great believer in equality and equal rights. Being a gay woman, I want to show my support for the campaign. The sanctity of marriage should not be biased, it means the same thing whoever enters into it.

The Lesbian & Gay Foundation are calling for everyone –whether they are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and straight – to support the campaign and take action.

Paul Martin, Chief Executive of The LGF comments “We urge those in support of same-sex marriage to contact their MP as there is still work to be done to rectify this inequality in the law. Everyone should have access to the institution of marriage. This is not about gay rights, it’s about equal rights.”

Take action now! Visit www.lgf.org.uk/equal


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