Cardiff LGBT Mardi Gras

It is only a matter of days away now; this coming Saturday will see the launch of Cardiff’s second LGBT Mardi Gras. Over the coming days there will be a number of events being held in the run up to the main event on Saturday at Coopers Field which is near Castle Street ion Cardiff. There is no parking at the venue but there are plenty of pay car parks within easy walking distance.

For more information on what is on each evening in the run up to Saturday please visit

The main stage will see acts such as Fanny Dazzle, Tina Sparkle and Miss Kitty and Marcia while other acts to this year’s event include The Fine Line which is a Cardiff based band whose inspiration comes from artists such as Bon Jovi, the Police and Bob Dylan. The Urban Freestyle Display Team which will showcase some of their freestyle moves, these include a BMX display and the awesome Ash Randall, freestyle footballer. The list of acts and performers is massive and extremely varied so there is literally something for everyone here, regardless of musical tastes.

In addition to this there will be stalls selling all manner of goods as well as those promoting public awareness of causes. One thing to remember is that no alcohol is allowed to be brought onto the field, there will be bars where you can purchase alcoholic drinks but soft drinks and bottles of water are permissible as long as they are in sealed plastic containers.

I personally cannot wait; we are going down to it as a birthday treat for me and this will be my second Pride event. Yes it’s going to take about an hour and half or more to get there but I am really looking forward to it and I know my 3 year old son is too as he loved the Swindon and Wiltshire Pride which was held at the Town Gardens a few weeks back.

These events are not only a great day out but are also an excellent opportunity to involve the wider community, in order for there to be a wider acceptance of LGBT people we need to reach out to those that may be unsure and show them that we don’t have two heads or breath fire so there is no reason to fear or hate us. Sadly I do believe that it is down to us to do this and these sorts of events are the perfect setting in which to do that.

One day everyone will be accepted for who they are, but until then we must solider on and be proud of who we are.


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