Canterbury Gay Pride Group “Completely Dismissed” by City Council

An LGBT group in Canterbury today accused the local council of dismissing their concerns, following a six-month battle involving the Local Government Ombudsman.

Andrew Brettell, chairman of Pride in Canterbury, accused the council of “giving us the run-around” after their failure to reply to a complaint made in November last year.

The council have not yet issued a response to the complaint.

The document, which was delivered by hand to the council, detailed a series of concerns which Pride in Canterbury felt were being ignored by the council, including the need for an LGBT Community drop-in centre, the absence of a gay bar in the City, the potential revenue from Pink Tourism and the importance of regular LGBT culture in the City.

Pride in Canterbury today challenged the council to respond to their manifesto, but admitted that they were “not optimistic”.

“Canterbury Council see us as a problem, not as an opportunity,” said Mr. Brettell,

“We’re someone to be dealt with, not a group to work with. They’re more interested in ticking their equality boxes and engaging in back-and-forth ‘who-said-what’ games than they are in dealing with the real issues.

“They’ll respond to our letters, so that they can say they’ve replied to us. But they never respond to our concerns.

“We do not believe the Council want a thriving LGBT community in their City,” he said.


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