Broken Rainbow UK & White Ribbon UK launch the first national Rainbow Ribbon Campaign

“LGBT people experience domestic violence too…”
That’s the message going out to the whole of the UK during February’s LGBT history month as Broken Rainbow UK launch their National Rainbow Ribbon Campaign in partnership with White Ribbon UK.

Broken Rainbow UK runs the only National lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) Domestic Violence Helpline and offers support to LGBT communities, their friends, family, perpetrators and agencies working in the domestic violence sector.

The White Ribbon Campaign is the UK branch of the international campaign working to reduce violence against women. This exciting partnership with Broken Rainbow UK builds on their work, and includes raising awareness of domestic violence in same sex relationships as well; an area so often ignored, and misunderstood.

We have made progress toward greater equality for LGBT people with civil partnership and provisions in the Equality Act 2010 but sadly, domestic violence in LGBT communities remains invisible and people continue to associate it with something that only happens to women by their male partners.

“Given that 1 in 4 LGBT people also experience domestic violence we need to work together to raise awareness of this devastating crime. The Rainbow Ribbon is about awareness; its message is about respecting human rights, and about saving lives. The lives of LGBT people devastated, or lost, due to violence from ex/partners, and family members.” Rita Hirani CEO for Broken Rainbow UK

And The White Ribbon Campaign’s Director Chris Smith is in agreement.

“We see this partnership work with Broken Rainbow UK as a huge opportunity to raise awareness around all inter-personal violence.’

Every act of violence is wrong and everyone has the right to live a life free from abuse.

We hope this partnership will serve to increase awareness and get the message across that same sex domestic violence is just as unacceptable as gender-based violence.”

February is LGBT History Month. The Rainbow Ribbon campaign is set to coincide with February each year to get LGBT Domestic Violence out of the closet. We are counting on the support of all agencies to support this campaign hereon.

Broken Rainbow UK is encouraging individuals, agencies and organisations across the country to support the Rainbow Ribbon campaign to get the message ‘LGBT people experience domestic violence too…’ out there. You can help in a number of ways:

Purchase Rainbow Ribbons from Broken Rainbow UK via and then promote them at your events, workplace or society groups.
Post a Virtual Rainbow Ribbon on your organisation websites, you can also add a link to our website, or add the National Broken Rainbow LGBT DV Helpline number
Promote it via social networking sites and get people talking about the Rainbow Ribbon.
Simply wearing the Rainbow Ribbon, or displaying it, shows you are helping to make a difference to the lives of LGBT people affected by domestic violence.

If you would like support, then call us on:

The National Broken Rainbow LGBT DV Helpline – 0300 999 5428,

Open Monday and Thursday 2pm – 8pm and Wednesday 10am – 5pm.

Or visit

Broken Rainbow UK Office on 08452 60 55 60 or email

The White Ribbon Campaign information is on or email


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