British Embassy Guatemala City joined Capital Pride

The British Embassy in Guatemala participated in this year’s 19th Annual Capital Pride Parade.

The parade celebrates the spirit of the local and national Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community in Guatemala.

The British Embassy joined other diplomatic missions in this celebration, which has continued to grow in Guatemala City since 2000. The popular parade included several contingents, vehicles, walkers and entertainment, as well as local businesses, politicians and community groups.

The UK government advocates that human rights are universal and should be equal for all. The UK’s commitment to promoting human rights is part of its foreign policy as an inclusive one.

The British Ambassador to Guatemala, Carolyn Davidson and members of the Embassy’s staff joined the parade to celebrate the diversity of the LGBT community in Guatemala.

Ambassador Carolyn Davidson said:

Everyone deserves a safe environment free from violence and harassment. Promoting equality is consistent with the international obligations of our governments. We encourage everyone to support and advance all human rights for all. An inclusive and diverse society based on equality, respect, and liberty benefits everyone.


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