Bringing back luster and shine with Brutus & Butch

Everyday, people are discovering the restorative powers of Brutus and Butch hair products.  It’s botanicals and lavish essential Indonesian oils are bringing back luster and shine, even to chemically damaged hair.

The company is also generously giving back a portion of its natural and organic product sales to the LGBTQ and at-risk youth community struggling with gender identity issues.

“My years in the industry has compelled me to support the people in the LGBTQ community, who have made a major impact on my life,” said Brutus Butch founder Gwen Lonigro.  “It’s a thank you and acknowledgement to their continuous contributions over the years and a vehicle for change.

“After 30 years in the industry and now as a salon owner, I decided to create a unique hair care product line that I’m proud of and helps people have the strength to be unique individuals.”

Frustrated with polymer-heavy commercial products she encountered – Gwen was inspired by the pure essential oils used by her Indonesian parents. Brutus & Butch’s luxurious products were conceived and includes a Clean Shampoo, Clean Conditioner and Gembira Oil Elixir Vitae, which is the company’s best seller. All products are a formulation of green, vegan, natural and organic ingredients with no fillers.

“You only need a small drop to have incredible results. The more you use, the better your hair looks. It replenishes with essential nutrients. It’s light, doesn’t leave a residue, not oily and creates a better hair shaft, especially for people with aging or chemically damaged hair.”

This dynamic company has two main goals – give clients gorgeous hair using products that are safe and make donations to the LGBTQ community on a local and national level.

“I believe giving nourishes the soul.  I really want to help create love, peace and tolerance for all, and hope my hair care line of products help to achieve this goal. My hair care products serve the LGBTQ community with the tag line, ‘because we are who we are’, says it all,” remarks Gwen.

Her line of products can also be used on your skin, face arms or legs. So far, the company has loyal customers in Englandand across the U.S. For more information about Brutus & Butch, or to order products, please visit


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