BNP Attacks ‘morals’ of gay MP

Nick Price, the leader of the BNP in East Sussex launched the verbal attack on Greg Battle, the Conservative MP for Bexhill and Battle who last year made headlines when he left his wife and children to enter a gay relationship. He has publicly criticised the Sussex MP for being homosexual and has called for kissing between men in public to be outlawed.

Speaking to local paper the Bexhill Observer, Price criticised both gay adoption and same-sex public displays of affection such as kissing. He then turned on Mr Barker, saying:

“In the case of Greg Barker, it is a question of morals and honesty. He went to the electorate a married man with a nice young family but now he goes to the electorate five years later a homosexual man.

“I don’t believe it to be homophobic to raise this issue when we are talking about a guy in his early forties – it is a little late in life to be confused.”

Mr Barker, who has a majority of more than 13,000, responded by saying that the BNP was ‘beyond the pale’ but that he didn’t intend to enter a debate of that nature. The BNP are planning to field a local candidate in his constituency.

His comments come after BNP leader Nick Griffin told an interviewer recently that his party had become more gay friendly.


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