Bette Bourne: The Movie

Original gay rights campaigner, Bette Bourne is to have his life, and the story of the fight for gay lib, brought to the screen. Bette is featuring in a filmed version of Mark Ravenhill’s play Bette Bourne: a Life in Three Acts which chronicles the early days of the gay rights movement.

Ravenhill says “Bette’s led a life with great personal strength and bravery but he’s also been involved in a political and social struggle from which I’ve benefited enormously.”

The documentary will use personal moments in Bette’s life to reveal events that defined the gay rights movement in the UK. As a well known actor in the early 70’s Bette had appeared alongside Sir Ian Mckellan and stared in famous early cop show Z-Cars but he gave it up to take on the fight for gay rights. Bourne says “When people started to talk about the arrests and the suicides, of lives wasted, I suddenly felt very angry. It was a very quick thing: I looked back over my life to that point and wanted everything to change.”

By meeting people – including Peter Tatchell, Stuart Feather and Andrew Lumsden – who were on the front line, they’ll be telling the first hand story of the early days of the Gay Liberation Front, the first Pride marches and also Bourne’s ground-breaking Bloolips theatre company.

The producers would love to speak with anyone who knew Bette Bourne personally in the 1960’s – 80’s, especially those who may have been active with him in the Gay Liberation Front.

The film is aimed for release at the London Film Festival this year and then will be shown at LGBT festivals worldwide.

In an innovative move, the producers are partly funding the project through web based ‘crowd funding’ – small donations of between £20 to £150 that get rewards and incentives including exclusive DVDs, private soirees with Bette and Mark, and tickets to the filming of the original play in London’s West End.

Visit to find out how you can be involved in this fun and important project.


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