BBC Radio 4’s Clare Balding Goes Rambling in Wales with Gay Outdoor Club

On a cold and drizzly January day, more than 20 members of the North Wales group of the Gay Outdoor Club turned out for a very special walk which was recorded by the BBC for their Radio 4 programme ‘Ramblings’.

The Ramblings programme is presented by leading sports presenter, and out lesbian, Clare Balding and each episode features a different walk. For their 14th series they are focussing on walking with groups and an approach by Gay Outdoor Club member Pete Burling resulted in them deciding to devote a whole episode to a walk with the club.

The walk started at the beautiful village of Cemaes on the northern coast of the Isle of Anglesey in North Wales and proceeded along the cliffs to show off some spectacular scenery. Clare and her producer spent the entire day with the group, chatting to most of the people there. The recorded conversations were very varied in topic and covered what the Gay Outdoor Club is, the scenery, the wildlife and for some, personal reflections on their life’s journey. At points the recordings were punctuated by the sound of heavy breathing as the group climbed another rise, and the sounds of chatter and laughter were often in the background.

Clare was skilled at making everyone feel relaxed, sharing in the banter and jokes, afterwards commenting on how friendly the group was. Her producer added “We have been making Ramblings for over ten years, but our walk on Anglesey with you all was a real highlight of the last decade.”

The programme is scheduled for broadcast on Saturday 20th February at 6am and repeated on Thursday 25th at 3pm, and it is available to listen again on the BBC Radio 4 website at

A write up on the event can be found on the GOC web site at

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