BA pilots in trouble over abusive comments

Three BA pilots have been suspended for making foul-mouthed comments about passengers and crew on Facebook, including one which called gay air stewards a homophobic slur.

After the recent strikes with air cabin crew within British Airways, a number of pilots had to leave the cockpit take to the galleys and some saw real issues with the change in roles, making it very vocal on networking site Facebook.

Revealed by the Daily Mirror, many spoke of their want to hit demanding passengers and one has been accused of using homophobic statements towards the usual male cabin crew, branding them ‘batty boys’

First officer Adam Corfield, who regularly flies a 747, called one business class passenger a “w****r” who came “marching into the galley shouting into my face he wants a coffee”.

To which a colleague, Jonathan Harman replied: “Good work adam, you should still have hit him though!”

To which Corfield went on to say in the thread that “this f****r in business class nearly got it!!


Another pilot also spoke of nearly hitting passengers whilst working his stint as cabin crew, stating: “I’ve done 3 trips as cc now. Totally agree, not the job for me either! B****y passengers… though so far I’ve avoided hitting them…”

Corfield went on to cause further insult to his cabin crew colleagues saying: “F**k them… at least we’ll have jobs at the end of it!” and continued to be homophobic towards them, going along with the stereotype of cabin crew being gay, saying: “I’m gonna get 14 bum boys rostered on ur next trip.”

Many have seen outrage with the comments made by the pilots and especially the derogatory comments made towards the male cabin crew gay or straight.

The Mirror reported that a BA colleague said about the incident: “Things are bad enough without our pilots slating our passengers. With all the chaos caused by the strike action – costing £7million a day – this is really the last thing we needed.”

Further action may be taken on the pilots with BA saying: “We thank the Daily Mirror for bringing this to our attention. We are investigating the claims in line with our normal internal disciplinary process.”


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