Activist murder shows Uganda unsafe for lesbians and gay men

Following the murder of Ugandan LGBTI rights activist, David Kato, UK Lesbian & Gay Immigration Group (UKLGIG) is warning of the continued threat to lesbian and gay asylum seekers if removed back to Uganda.

UKLGIG Executive Director, Phil Jones, said, “This shocking murder demonstrates once again that Uganda remains an oppressive and unsafe country for lesbians and gay men. The UK Government must ensure that Ugandan lesbians and gay men who have fled to the UK are given the protection they need, and not returned to be the next victims of violent homophobia.”

Asylum seekers from Uganda form one of the largest client groups currently assisted by UKLGIG. But a combination of lack of access to expert legal assistance, the detention system and poor decision-making can leave LGBTI asylum seekers facing removal from the UK.

Phil Jones added, “We can only extend our sympathies to the family and friends of the brave David Kato, and commend other LGBTI activists in Uganda and around the world for continuing their struggle for justice and human rights.

“The British government must press the Ugandan authorities to ensure that the perpetrators of this murder are brought to justice. It is time to abandon the hateful homophobic law-making that encourages violence against lesbians and gay men and forces some to flee to the UK.”


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